Archive 2020 — Comments Posted in 2020 on Digital Identity and Various Threats to It


When, why and how Expanded Password System was developed

Cyber Security 2021 Prediction

Yet another report on the drive to destroy security by removing passwords

Follow-Up: Santander Digital Trust Hackathon

Yet another report on the password predicament

On #BigIdeas2021

Big ideas get recognized when distractive false ideas get debunked.

Undo what you must not have done and yet you have done

Digital Trust Hackathon

Bizarre Theory of Password-less Authentication

Why are we so persistent in the efforts to bust the falsehood of biometrics?

On Misperception of Biometrics

On Expanded Password System


On Arguments over ‘Clearview’

On Devastating Effects of Removing Password

Videos on Biometrics

90-second Video — ‘Digital Identity for Global Citizens

If Only It Were True

What are we faithful to?

Advice Wanted for Crowdfunding


AI-Enhanced Biometrics — How Dreadful?

US Army appears to be scarily misguided

Does US Army Really Want to Bring Down Security?

Probability of Wrong People Getting Persecuted

Covid-19: Testing and Washing versus Face Mask

Face Shielding ‘instead of’ OR ‘on top of’ Face Mask


Finger vein technology

On Password Predicament

Campaign of Deception

‘Not as secure as claimed’ is one thing. ‘Harmful to security’ is another.

What we are apt to do

Some of us can be very lazy and silly

What Biometrics Vendors Tell Us versus What NIST Tells Us

Comfortable Biometrics Ecosystem

Children’s Passwords Managed by Schools


To Mitigate Insider Threats

Ant Going to Defeat Elephant

Humans Built as Such

EPS for SSI (Self-Sovereign Identity)

Password and Passphrase

Expanded Password System: ‘Image-to-Code Converter’

Global HQ Registered in UK


Archive — Discussions on Digital Identity

Robust 2-Channel Authentication

‘Authenticators’ and ‘Deployment of Authenticators’

Probabilistic Is Human Body, Not Pattern-Matching Algorithm

Quest for Global Ubiquity

Biometrics — Spoofing and Liveness Detection

‘Harmful for security or privacy’ OR ‘Harmful for both security and privacy


The following questions are answered in this update.

On-the-fly Key Regeneration

Default Password and Fallback Password

Cryptography and Expanded Password System

Who Adopted Expanded Password System (EPS) and for What

Expanded Password System — Theory and Implementation

Global Headquarters in United Kingdom


Expanded Password System to Complement FIDO2

Biometrics for Increasing and Decreasing Security

Puzzling Perception — Sacrificing Privacy for Decreased Security?

Digital Identity in Post-Pandemic Era

Happy to see your external body features viewed as ‘what you are’?

Passwords Re-Used across Many Accounts — Anything used wrongly is harmful and so are UV, disinfectant and passwords.

New Article on Value Walk — Anything used correctly is useful and so are UV, disinfectant and biometrics.

Identity Assurance — Sufficient and Necessary Conditions


Another Layer or Another Entrance?

‘Physical Token’ vs ‘Onetime Password Messaging’

The password is easy to crack — Are you sure?

New Article published on InfoSec Buzz

A Sequel to ‘Democracy and Digital Identity’ Published by Risk Group

What can ‘probabilistic authenticators’ achieve in cyberspace?

Meaningless Comparison of Different Authenticators

‘Easy-to-Remember’ is one thing. ‘Hard-to-Forget’ is another

Pandemic-resistant Teleworking

Two Ways of Deploying Two-Factor Authentication


Secret Credential and Computing Power

Proposition to AFCEA on military use of Expanded Password System

‘Copy & Paste’ High-Entropy Password Combined with Remembered Password

Rapid Increase in Military Use of Expanded Password System


Availability-First Approach

What you ignore does not exist

Cult of Convenience



EPS for High-Security Accounts

Further Update — History, Current Status and Future Scenarios of Expanded Password System

What does not exist will never be stolen and abused

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Key References

“Impact of Episodic Memory on DigitalIdentity”

Digital Identity for Global Citizens

What We Know for Certain about Authentication Factors

Summary and Brief History — Expanded Password System

Proposition on How to Build Sustainable Digital Identity Platform

Additional References

External Body Features Viewed as ‘What We Are’

History, Current Status and Future Scenarios of Expanded Password System

Availability-First Approach

Update: Questions and Answers — Expanded Password System and Related Issues (30/June/2020)

< Videos on YouTube>

Slide: Outline of Expanded Password System (3minutes 2seconds)

Digital Identity for Global Citizens (10minutes — narrated)

Demo: Simplified Operation on Smartphone for consumers (1m41s)

Demo: High-Security Operation on PC for managers (4m28s)

Demo: Simple capture and registration of pictures by users (1m26s)

Slide: Biometrics in Cyber Space — “below-one” factor authentication

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Digital Identity — Anything Used Correctly Is Useful

‘Easy-to-Remember’ is one thing ‘Hard-to-Forget’ is another

Identity Assurance And Teleworking In Pandemic

Advocate of ‘Identity Assurance by Our Own Volition and Memory’, Inventor of Expanded Password System and Founder of Mnemonic Identity Solutions Limited in UK.