Biometric Password?

Hitoshi Kokumai
2 min readMay 18, 2023
What Are Password Security and Protection?

I came across this article —

I can’t be indifferent to the title “What Are Password Security and Protection?” and I was immediately attracted to the word ‘Biometric Password’.

Some people have been touting ‘biometrics’ as ‘ alternative to password’ or ‘password-killer.’ Here we see ‘biometric password’. Now, “A is B” and “A is an alternative to B” at the same time?

Anyway, biometrics is very helpful indeed — unfortunately to bad actors, not good citizens, as visually dissected in this 2-minute video “Biometrics in Cyber Space — ‘below-one’ factor authentication”

I wish that CISCO had added a caveat that authentication by biometrics could be recommended only where cybersecurity is a peripheral and trivial matter.

Well, as for the general recommendations on the hard-to-manage password protection, I summarised our view here — “Complex Problem of Complex Password”

From ‘Password Fatigue’ to ‘Fatigue-free Password’



Hitoshi Kokumai

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