Encryption and Identity Security

Hitoshi Kokumai
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“The Army’s Most Important Warfighting Tool Isn’t A Weapon, It’s A Network” https://www.forbes.com/sites/lorenthompson/2023/09/14/the-armys-most-important-warfighting-tool-isnt-a-weapon-its-a-network/?sh=4abca7ca127c

I am concerned about what is not mentioned at ‘Cybersecurity’ in this report — “Tactical messages will need to be encrypted to avoid interception and exploitation by adversaries. Army planners are especially concerned about malware and other cyber intrusions into the network by adversaries like China.”

It talks about ‘encryption’, but not ‘identity assurance’ or ‘identity security’ — “The security that cryptography provides is not above the identity security of the people who handle a decryption key. “

So many security people are so indifferent to this plain observation — “However securely the network may be organised, it would become the adversaries’ weapons as soon as the identity security of the personnel who operate and maintain the network gets compromised.”

The secret data would be shared not only among the friendly forces but also with the adversaries. Or, the whole or a part of the network simply taken over by the adversaries. What prevents such disasters is the solid identity security/assurance. Hence our two-decades endeavour to promote Expanded Password System as a successor to vulnerable text-only passwords.

Well, you may now be thinking about the best possible practice, say, the combination of the most advanced quantum resistant cryptography and the most reliable identity assurance -

This is the press release jointly announced last July — “Cyber Leaders Join Forces to Protect Digital Identities and Data at Risk” https://usnavyseals.einnews.com/pr_news/644965697/cyber-leaders-join-forces-to-protect-digital-identities-and-data-at-risk

Corporate website — https://www.mnemonicidentitysolutions.com/



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