Good Tool to Get Criminals Delighted

Hitoshi Kokumai
1 min readNov 27, 2023

John Marrett — Thanks for referring in your post to my 2minute video demonstrating how biometrics destroys the security that a password/pincode has so far provided — “Biometrics in Cyber Space — ‘below-one’ factor authentication”

Well, you wrote “biometric authentication is less secure than password-based authentication (using a long & complex password, of course)”

What I wanted say was “biometric authentication is less secure than password-based authentication, irrespective whether the password is strong or weak’.

For instance, when biometrics is used with such a silly password as ‘Password’, the overall security is lower than when this silly password alone is used without biometrics.

As such, we now describe biometrics as ‘good technology to reliably get criminals delighted’.

Here is a collection of biometrics discussions — “Probabilistic Biometrics Unravelled : How it brings down identity security”

We will certainly be pleased to come to rescue LinkedIn when they feel the need to be rescued.

Here is John Marrett’s post in question —



Hitoshi Kokumai

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