Identity Assurance for Democracy and Privacy

Hitoshi Kokumai
2 min readOct 3, 2022


“Forget Me Not” Forgotten Data Privacy Deadlines are Bound to Impact Your Business

I am happy to see my name mentioned on the interview E077 with Debbie Reynolds

Identity assurance is a premise for Privacy; Democracy is a foundation of Privacy while identity assurance is a foundation of Democracy (*1). We should beware lest this chain should be broken, for which ‘Transparency’ is essential (*2).

It’s very nice to see ‘Transparency’ placed at the bottom as the base on which ‘Data Privacy Trust Framework & Scorecard’ is built in Debby’s article.

*1 “Digital Dystopia”

*2 “Transparency and Integrity Wanted”

- Wrong Voices are Heard if Large, Correct Voices are Unheard if Small .

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