Larger Attack Surface on User’s Device

I today take up this The Register report — “Client-side content scanning as an unworkable, insecure disaster for democracy”

Glancing over this worrying report, I found this paragraph especially eye-catching; “It goes on to look at all the potential problems with CSS systems. These include the possibility of abuse by authorized and unauthorized parties, as well as local adversaries — a user’s partner, ex-partner, other family member, or rival who has access to the user’s device.”

This kind of threat is supposed to be mitigated by a secure login. In this aspect, we know that Apple is shooting itself in the foot by increasing the attack surface (=increasing the vulnerability) of the login security as the result of adding a probabilistic back door of biometrics login such as TouchID and FaceID on top of the deterministic front door of a default pincode/password.

If there is nothing particularly wrong in using two authenticators in a ‘two-entrance’ deployment for convenience’s sake, it is absolutely wrong to lead the consumers to wrongly believe that the security has been improved.

Actually, it has brought down identity security, spreading a false sense of security among consumers.

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