Negatively Effective Authenticator

Taken up today is this report — “Could biometrics bridge the financial exclusion gap?”

This report is typically one of the numerous biometrics articles written on the assumption that biometrics contributes to identity security, if not so much as had been claimed.

It’s no surprise for a number of people to make such assumptions so credulously; it would not be easy for most people to suspect that there can be an authentication factor that does not contribute to identity security.

However, there exists an ‘authenticator’ indeed that negatively contributes to identity security in cyberspace, say, destroys the identity security that has hitherto been provided by a password-only authentication — that’s ‘probabilistic biometrics deployed with a deterministic default password’.

Glancing over the following posts, you will quickly realize what we mean -

‘In Series vs In Parallel’ and ‘in 2-Layer vs in 2-Entrance’

Beware of Pseudo-2 Factor Authentication

Key References

Biometrics is to Password what Back door is to Front door

Removal of Passwords and Its Security Effect

Negative Security Effect of Biometrics Deployed in Cyberspace

External Body Features Viewed as ‘What We Are’

Additional References

For Achieving Solid Digital Identity on Information Security Buzz (Mar/2021)

What We Know for Certain about Authentication Factors

Digital Identity for Global Citizens
Image-to-Code Conversion by Expanded Password System

Summary and Brief History — Expanded Password System

Proposition on How to Build Sustainable Digital Identity Platform

Account Recovery with Expanded Password System

History, Current Status and Future Scenarios of Expanded Password System

Availability-First Approach

Update: Questions and Answers — Expanded Password System and Related Issues

< Videos on YouTube>

Slide: Outline of Expanded Password System (3minutes 2seconds)

Digital Identity for Global Citizens (10minutes — narrated)

Demo: Simplified Operation on Smartphone for consumers (1m41s)

Demo: High-Security Operation on PC for managers (4m28s)

Demo: Simple capture and registration of pictures by users (1m26s)

Slide: Biometrics in Cyber Space — “below-one” factor authentication




Advocate of ‘Identity Assurance by Our Own Volition and Memory’, Inventor of Expanded Password System and Founder of Mnemonic Identity Solutions Limited in UK.

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Hitoshi Kokumai

Hitoshi Kokumai

Advocate of ‘Identity Assurance by Our Own Volition and Memory’, Inventor of Expanded Password System and Founder of Mnemonic Identity Solutions Limited in UK.

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