Pictorial Presentation of Phishing Detection by Episodic Image Memory

The logic of phishing detection by our episodic image memory is explained in this pictorial slide — https://www.slideshare.net/HitoshiKokumai/detection-of-phishing-by-episodic-image-memory-243182482

Here are key takeaways:

It is the phishers that control the screen shown to us. Our own volitional actions based on correct knowledge are needed. In view of the nature of phishing, we find no other ways.

Critical in this scheme is that users are given the freedom of choosing the stage at which they select their secrets; they might select them at the second or third stage. They might also opt to repeat many more fake choices.

Whatever belongs to “our own volitional actions based on correct knowledge” could work as an additional component.

When we build a server-based Expanded Password System, we will have it incorporate this defense layer of phishing detection.


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