Quick-Fix Solution when EPS is Not Available

Official British Army Twitter and YouTube accounts hijacked by NFT scammers


It reads “likely possibilities include that someone in the British Army’s social media team has been careless with their password and/or that multi-factor authentication was not in place to make it harder for unauthorised users to gain access.

This kind of problem will be drastically mitigated when we come up “Mnemonic Gateways” password manager driven by Expanded Password System (EPS) and other EPS-based solutions with which the secret credentials can be generated from non-volatile citizens episodic image memory.

While we have to wait for it to happen, we suggest a stopgap measure of combining two kinds of passwords — one that is reasonably complex and yet we can easily remember and recall , with the other that is truly random and complex for electronical storage on a device. When in use, we recall and type the former and copy&paste the latter.

It is not as safe and simple as remembering the whole of it but much safer than storing the whole of it. This is what I myself have long been practicing for high-security accounts that accept only text-passwords.

Another solution that I could suggest is appoint one or more employees for one account: they need to remember the whole of a password made of more than 20 digits of random alphanumerics for one account with their commitment that they will never reuse it for other accounts.

2 or 3 more accounts if they can remember and recall all of them together with relationship with the corresponding accounts.

Unrealistic? Then go back to my first suggestion. And wait for Mnemonic Gateways and other EPS-based solutions to become available.

Ref: “Power of Citizens’ Episodic Memory” https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/power-citizens-episodic-memory-hitoshi-kokumai/

Digital identity blogs collected at https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/collection-digital-identity-comments-hitoshi-kokumai-posted-kokumai/

Website — https://www.mnemonicidentitysolutions.com/



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Hitoshi Kokumai

Hitoshi Kokumai

Advocate of ‘Identity Assurance by Our Own Volition and Memory’, Inventor of Expanded Password System and Founder of Mnemonic Identity Solutions Limited in UK.