Striking Case of Misperception about Secret Credential

The end of passwords

Companies are finally shifting away from notoriously insecure alphanumerics to other methods of authentication.

An SNS friend suggested me that I could say something about this piece of MIT Technology Review; I would say that being very reputed might not necessarily mean being very intelligent.

Apparently behind this incorrect observation lies a tragically misguided perception that removal of the password would take away ONLY its ‘attack surface’; how come those clever people can turn a blind eye to the presence of ‘DEFENCE SURFACE’ of the password? how is it possible to be so indifferent to ‘insufficient’ being different to ‘harmful’?

Removal of the password with its ‘defence surface’ would destroy the overall identity security by way of removing the security that the password has so far provided somehow.

It would also fatally erode the value of democracy; what would you think about democracy where it is viewed relevant and legal for your identity to be authenticated while you are unconscious, say, without your volition and memory confirmed?

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It would certainly be nice to hear something back from MIT people.


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